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Sam Deering

Sam Deering - Web Developer

Hello world, my name is Sam and I am a passionate web developer from England/Australia. This is where you can find links to some of my personal creations. Select a tag below to get started.

"To the user, the interface is the product."

"Make the most of your opportunities."

"My jQuery blog gets over a million views a month."

"Some people see a failure, whereas I see an opportunity."

"I have a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science."

"You can't be better without being different. Fact."

"I have travelled to over 15 different countries (so far)."

"Don't repeat the same thing and expect different results."

"Sometimes life is as simple as heads or tails."

jQuery Blog

Websites jQuery JavaScript HTML5 CSS3

jQuery4u is a web development blog that I started in 2010 as a place to store and share my jQuery code snippets. It is now part of the jQuery fan community and gets over a million views monthly.


Websites PHP

I developed BLOGOOLA, a blogging social network and promotion tool. It has over 10k blogs added so far.

jQuery Mobile Builder

jQuery Mobile Web Projects Online Tools Websites JavaScript jQuery PHP is an online tool I developed which can produce jQuery Mobile Websites in minutes.

Open Source JavaScript Open Source Node.js

I am a core developer of the CleverStack Open Source Project. A modular way to build your AngularJS and Node.js web apps.

Smashing Magazine

Online Publications jQuery

A list of articles I have written for Smashing Magazine.

50 jQuery Demos

Web Projects jQuery

I created 50 live demonstrations of jQuery’s most popular functions. For each one you can play the demo, reset, view the code and download.

jQuery Book Reviews

Online Publications jQuery HTML5

Books I have reviewed (before publication).

jQuery Mobile Portfolio Site

jQuery Mobile Web Projects Websites JavaScript jQuery

I recently created a jQuery Mobile Portfolio Website Template.

PHP Blog

Websites PHP

PHP Scripts 4u is a community blog I started in 2011 where I store and share my PHP scripts amongst other things. *currently down.

HTML5 Publications & Demos

Online Publications HTML5

More of my sites - clients


Here is a list of some websites I have created for clients.

JavaScript Minifier

Online Tools Websites JavaScript

Minify your js code, free & simple to use, lightning fast compression.

JavaScript Prettifier

Online Tools Websites JavaScript

Make your js code look pretty, free & simple to use, lightning fast format.

JavaScript Obfuscator

Online Tools Websites JavaScript

Obfuscate your js code, free & simple to use, lightning fast conversion.

JSON Tree Viewer

Online Tools Websites JavaScript

Converts a JSON object into a tree hierarchy to find the path of nodes in large JSON objects.

Angular JS Blog

Websites Angular JS

An AngularJS blog I started recently.

Node.js Blog

Websites Node.js

An Node.js blog I started recently.

Kiosk Web Apps

Web Projects JavaScript jQuery HTML5 CSS3

I have developed kiosk web applications which are being used in Shopping Centres in South Australia.

View Demo

jQuery Dashboards

Web Projects jQuery jQuery UI HTML5 CSS3

I have developed a themable responsive jQuery powered dashboard where you can add/drag/resize/detach widgets with dynamic content including video.

View Demo

PHP Web Projects

Web Projects PHP

I have done many PHP projects, big and small. Including full development of a custom PHP OOP Architecture, MVC, dependency injection and factory module pattern. Other projects include PHP/jQuery/AJAX testing architectures and dynamic PHP/mySQL coding. If you would like to see any of these projects, I can ask permission from the clients to show you.

jQuery Mobile Sites

Web Projects jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile Sites I have developed.